William tobin – Principal

As Principal of Forensic Engineering International, William Tobin has more than 40 years of proven experience in some of the nation’s most high-profile cases.


Additional Courses and Symposia

Physical Metallurgy, Ohio State University

Shaping, Forming of Metals, Ohio State University

Engineering Metallurgy, Ohio State University

Fractography: Practical Applications in Failure Analysis (ASM)

Metallographic Interpretation (ASM)

Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence, Kevex Corporation

Detection and Recovery of Human Remains, FSRTC

Applied Statistics for Engineers and Physical Scientists, Virginia Commonwealth University

Structure and Properties of Materials, University of Virginia

Fastener Characterization by Mechanical & Metallographic Methods (ASM)

Manufacturing Processes & Materials, University of Virginia

Applied Electrochemistry, University of Virginia

Explosion Effects & Structural Design for Blast

Professional Experience

Forensic Engineering International, Principal

FBI Laboratory, Forensic Metallurgist

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Supervisory Special Agent

U.S. Marine Corps, Platoon Commander, Republic of South Vietnam

Monarch Aluminum Company, Manufacturing/Production Process Control

Chase Brass and Copper Company, Plant Metallurgist

Battelle Memorial Institute, Research Metallurgist

Other Experience

Referee for Fire Technology, NFPA

Editorial Advisor, The Forensic Examiner, ACFEI

Requested by UNSCOM to serve as U.N. Weapons Inspector, Iraq (1998)

Expert Witness Testimonies


Excludes Congressional testimonies and grand juries



Personal commendation from U. S. Attorney General William French Smith

Three commendations with cash awards, from FBI Director William H. Webster

Two commendations and cash award from FBI Director William S. Sessions

Professional Affiliations

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Literary Acknowledgements

And The Sea Will Tell, Vincent Bugliosi, Ballantine Books, 1992; former prosecutor of Charles Manson and author of Helter Skelter.

Hard Evidence, David Fisher, Simon & Schuster, 1995; author of bestsellers Gracie With George Burns, What’s What, Killer, and The Umpire Strikes Back.

60 Minutes,” Evidence of InjusticeCBS televised interview November 18, 2007; re-aired Sept. 14, 2008


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Sample Cases

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Speaking Engagements

• ASM, COMS (Central Ohio Metallographic Society), Columbus, OH
• ASM, Hartford, CT
• ASM, Bethlehem, PA
• ASM, New Haven, CT
• ASM, Nashua, NH
• ASM, York, PA
• ASM, Charlotte, NC
• ASM, Cincinnati, OH
• ASM, Peoria, IL
• ASM, Baltimore, MD
• ASM, Washington, DC
• ASM, Johnson City, TN
• ASM, South Bend, IN (Notre Dame Chapter)
• ASM, Portland, OR
• ASM, Greensboro, NC
• ASM, Baton Rouge, LA
• ASM, AWS, Miami, FL
• ASM, Grand Rapids, MI
• ASM, Battle Creek, MI
• ASM, AWS, ASNT, Rahwah, NJ
• ASM, Oak Ridge, TN
• ASM, South Bend, IN (Notre Dame Chapter)
• ASM, Bethlehem, PA (Lehigh Valley Chapter)
• COMS, ASM, ASNT, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
• ASM, AES (American Electroplaters Society), ASQC, Springfield, MA
• ASM International, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• ASM, Dayton, OH
• ASM, Central Carolinas Chapter, Raleigh, NC
• ASM, Milwaukee, WI
• ASM, Indianapolis & Muncie, IN
• ASM, MIT Faculty Club, Cambridge, MA
• ASM, Baltimore, MD
• Welding & Testing Technology 8th Annual National Conference (31 professional societies, Knoxville, TN) ASM, Philadelphia, PA (Liberty Bell Chapter)
• MTI (Metal Treating Institute), Secaucus, NJ
• Ohio State University
• University of Pittsburgh
• AWS (American Welding Society), York, PA
• AWS, ASM, Houston, TX
• AWS, Los Angeles, CA
• AWS, Baltimore, MD
• AWS, Hampton, VA
• AWS, Houston, TX
• AWS, Washington, DC
• AWS, ASM, Beaumont, TX
• AWS, ASM, Houston, TX
• AWS, Tampa, FL
• AWS, San Diego, CA
• AWS, Tysons Corner, VA
• ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing), ASM, Hampton, VA
• SCTE (Society of Carbide and Tool Engineers), ASM, Philadelphia, PA
• ASQC (American Society for Quality Control), ASM, AIME, Worcester, MA
• Metal Treating Institute International Convention, Washington, DC
• Florida International Arson Seminar, 46th Annual, Orlando, FL
• AWMI (Association of Women in the Metal Industries), Marlboro, MA
• SAMPE (Society for Advancement of Materials and Processing Engineers), SCTE, ASM, San Diego, CA
• Florida International University
• MFPG (Mechanical Failures Prevention Group), 45th Session Symposium
• AICE (American Institute of Carbide Engineers), ASM, AIME, Kansas City, MO
• Roger Williams College
• ASME, ASM, East Providence, RI
• TMS (The Metallurgical Society), New Haven, CT
• Case Alumni Association, Washington, DC
• National Thermal Spray Convention (NTSC) ’93, Anaheim, CA
• 26th Annual IMS Symposium, Charleston, SC
• AFS (American Foundrymen’s Society), ASM, Saginaw, MI
• U. S. Attorney’s Office, Dept. of Justice, San Diego, CA
• National Engineers Week, Akron, OH: AIIA, ASM, ASCE, ASDPE, ASME, ASHE, IEEE, SME, NAWIC, ASQC, ASHRAE, AIChE, ACESS, Univ. of Akron, Kent State Univ.
• University of Virginia (graduate seminar)
• Oklahoma City University School of Law
• Florida Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers (FACDL), Palm Beach, FL
• Wisconsin Assoc. of Criminal Defense Lawyers (WACDL), Madison, WI
• American University, Washington School of Law, Washington, D.C. (guest lecturer)
• Joint Statistics Meeting (JSM 2004), Toronto, Canada
• Georgetown University School of Law, Washington, D.C. (guest lecturer)
• Metropolitan Public Defender’s Office, Louisville, KY
• CLE: “Life In The Balance” Seminar, NLADA, Memphis, TN
• CLE: NLADA Conference, Washington, DC.
• CLE: NACDL Midwinter Meeting & Seminar, New Orleans, LA
• CLE: NCATL Conference, Sunset Beach, NC.
• CLE: CPD, Copper Mountain, CO
• CLE: TCDLA, Dallas, TX (co-director)
• CLE: DCACDL, Washington, D.C.
• CLE (judges only): “Science in the Courtroom”, Judicial Institute of Maryland, Annapolis, MD
• CLE: TCDLA, Houston, TX (co-director)
• CLE: NCAJ, Raleigh, N.C.
• CLE: WISBA, Milwaukee, WI
• CLE (invitation only): Cardozo Law School, NYC, NY
• CLE, TCDLA, Houston, TX (Oct. 2016)
• CLE, NACDL, Las Vegas, NV (May 2017)