About Us

Forensic Engineering International has unparalleled industry experience and expertise.

Forensic Engineering International diagnoses the existence and cause(s) of manufacturing defects, product failures, accidents, disasters, fires, explosions, food and drug contamination, corrosion, damage, and a variety of other events with the metallurgical experts.

We are a multidisciplinary forensic metallurgy and materials engineering firm specializing in failure analysis of metals and non-metals.

Our firm examines all available evidence to diagnose root and contributory causes of failure and damage in accordance with a scientifically acceptable methodology.

With over a century of collective experience, our firm has provided services for many high-profile national and international cases on behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), Department of Energy (DOE), Department of Defense (DoD), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), among others.

FEI has the ability to offer assistance in a wide spectrum of cases, and our collective intellectual and experiential backgrounds dramatically increase the probability of a successful diagnosis regardless of the types of materials, conditions of service, or international location.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

Diverse Forensic Engineering Experience

The diverse experience of Forensic Engineering International professionals encompasses a wide- spectrum of metallurgical, statistical, and failure analysis endeavors. From step ladders, garden hose nozzles, and hunter tree stands to complex transportation, utility construction sites, and missile systems, we cover a vast range of industries, products, and incidents.

Additionally Forensic Engineering International provides metallurgical engineering and failure analysis services for industrial, governmental, military, insurance, judicial, organizational, and individual clients.

Our team of experts provides failure analysis for a myriad of issues involving the behavior and interactions of solids (primarily metals) and fluids (liquids and gases), including fractures, failures, damage, and corrosion.

Such quasi-static and dynamic interactions occur in aviation, rail, maritime, and mine disasters, products liability, fires and explosions, drug and food product contamination, metal manufacturing processes (e.g., casting), joining processes (e.g., welding), and forensic matters, in virtually every phase of the life of a metal component.

Failure Analysis Specialists

As specialists in failure analysis and corrosion, Forensic Engineering International expertly and thoroughly conducts investigations and examinations that have been responsible in pronouncing cause and origin in many of the nation’s most high-profile incidents and disasters.

Our services run the gamut of large and small projects, including:

  • TWA Flight 800 Mid-Air Explosion Aviation Disaster (Long Island, NY)
  • Wilberg Coal Mine Disaster Fire & Explosion (Orangeville, UT)
  • Mid-Air Breakup of F-15C During Training Mission
  • M/V Emily S & Morris J. Berman Maritime Environmental Disaster (San Juan, PR)
  • Sunset Limited™ Train Derailment Railroad Disaster (Mobile, AL)
  • Sudafed™, Tylenol™, & Girl Scout Cookie Product Tampering
  • Scaffold Collapse at Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site (Willow Island, WV)
  • Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Incident (Terrorism)
  • U.S.S. Iowa Explosion
  • Debilitating Corrosion of Utility Power Plant Within One-Year of Construction (Cali, Colombia)
  • Sago Coal Mine Disaster (Upshur County, W Va)
  • Environmental (Maritime) Oil Spill Disaster, Escambron Beach (San Juan, PR)

Expert Forensic Investigations

Forensic Engineering International professionals include the former head of forensic metallurgy operations chief forensic metallurgist, NTSB aviation, railroad, marine, and pipeline accident investigators.

We also provide expertise in ballistics, firearms, and toolmarks, as well as mainstream scientific expertise provided by distinguished professors from respected U.S. and foreign Universities in metallurgy, materials, science, corrosion, physics, statistics, law, psychology, forensic science, biomedical, and mechanical engineering.

Feel free to contact our engineering consulting firm at Lake Anna, Virginia, at +1-804-448-3955, to discuss the specifics of your metallurgical or failure analysis matter, or for more information about services available.