REbort kelly

Rob Kelly is an Associate at Forensic Engineering International and a distinguished professor of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Virginia.


B.E.S., Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, John Hopkins University

Select Professional and Academic Appointments

Forensic Engineering International, Associate

Honors and Awards

Selection as AT&T Professor of Engineering Chair

Sigma Gamma Tau Outstanding Professor of Aerospace Engineering

Harold S. Morton Award for Undergraduate Teaching (School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Virginia)

Election as Honorary Member, Golden Key International Honour Society

Robert T. Foley Award from National Capital Section of ECS

Local Section of the Electrochemical Society, Gwendolyn Wood Award for Best Local Section While Officer

ASM Undergraduate Fellow

Professional Affiliations

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Patents and Formal Copyrights

Robert G. Kelly, Robert A. Ross, Josef K. Hudson, Stephen H. Jones, “Embeddable Corrosion Monitoring Instrument for Steel Reinforced Structures,” U.S. and China Patents 09/899,908 (2000). Received Notice of Allowance, issuance by 12/26/03.

Kevin Cooper, Fritz Friedersdorf, Keith Furrow, Jackie Williams, Amanda Owen, Robert Kelly, “A Corrosion Inhibitor Derived from Tobacco” U.S. Provisional Application 60/ 428,740 (2002).


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Sample Cases

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