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Services Overview

Forensic Engineering International is a multi-discipline forensic metallurgy and materials engineering consulting firm specializing in failure analysis (fractures, failures, damage, corrosion) of metals and non-metals and cause/origin determinations for fires and explosions.

Our metallurgists and investigators have testified before U.S. Senate committees, been recognized with national awards and been featured on numerous televised news segments.

Unsurpassed Experience

Forensic Engineering International principals and associates include university professors in corrosion, mechanical engineering, statistics, metallurgy and materials science, former NTSB aviation and railroad crash investigators, and former head of forensic metallurgy operations for the FBI Laboratory.

Expert Witness Testimonies


Excludes Congressional testimonies and grand juries


Notable Cases

Specializing in failure analysis and corrosion, we have identified root-cause and origin in many of the nation’s most high profile incidents and disasters.

TWA 800

Mid-air explosion aviation disaster

Sago Coal Mine

Complex material interaction and explosion

Olympic Park Bombing

Pipe bomb explosion


Seventeen Iraqi civilian fatalities in Baghdad

USS Iowa

Explosion resulting in 47 fatalities


Sixteen package bombs

Metallurgy Services

The firm specializes in metallurgical failure analysis of products and components from the most simple ‘system’ such as a step ladder or a hunter’s tree stand, to complex ones, including missile guidance systems and corrosion at a new utility plant in Cali, Colombia.

Failure Analysis & Liability

The inability of a system, product, or component to reliably perform the function for which it was designed constitutes failure.

Contributory Causes

Contributory causes range from design deficiency and material selection to improper service usage and human performance.